With extensive expertise, Earthgenic provides its services and products based on the following principles:

1) Environmental improvement and cost savings in parallel.

We consume energy and make an impact on our environment through many of our everyday activities. In general, the more we consume energy and stress our environment, the more we have to pay for those activities.

In addition, whenever we make a purchase, we also bear the cost of energy and environmental impacts which are generated in the production process of our acquisitions, ultimately resulting in higher prices for future purchases.

However, through precise cost benefit analysis and the implementation of leading-edge technology, we can identify solutions which can reduce both cost and environmental impact while at the same time maintaining or increasing our activity level.

Earthgenic is the company which provides solutions to meet both goals of environmental improvement and reducing energy costs.

2) World standard solutions to the world’s common problems.

With its extensive research capacity based on deep expertise, Earthgenic provides solutions based on global standard practice.

Regarding environmental issues, a problem for a country is not only a concern for the country but for the global community. Since more trial-and-error opportunities may increase the probability of success, effective solutions are being developed and offered beyond the borders. However, in reality, there are hurdles to making the solutions work and secure the outcomes.

Earthgenic is the company which provides solutions to address global concerns.

Masanobu Kimura

President, Earthgenic Co., Ltd